Our Wind Turbine was commissioned in July 2006, at a time when there was a generous grant towards the installation cost and the 'ROC' scheme added to the value of generated electricity making the project viable.

The installation included a 'ROC' meter so there was no problem there, but we still had the standard meter that had been our supply meter previously. Very quickly it became apparent that the meter had detected electricity going the 'wrong way' and it had dealt with this by adding it to our imported electicity reading, twice.

Our electricity supplier was contacted and they agreed that we were entitled to an export/import meter but that they had a sole contract to supply meters with a company that didn't supply them! I found myself having to source a suitable meter for them to provide to their contractor to fit. It took three months and two cancelled appointments to get the correct meter installed.

We then had a protracted exchange of views with our supplier about settling the account as the closing reading on the old meter was by now way ahead of where it should have been. After many months of arguement someone at our electricity supplier finally mentioned that they had a 'micro-generation team' at another office who should be dealing with this.

Once in the hands of the right team it all fell into place quite quickly and a refund was agreed that reimbursed us for the wrongly metered electric. The situation may be better now, but you probably still need to be fully involved, chasing regularly and prepared to stand your ground

The next problem came in the Winter (2006/7). With the Turbine still 'new' you tend to monitor its production quite closely. The arrival of stronger winds saw a dramatic reduction in the amount of electricity being generated. Visual inspection showed that the system was repeatedly cutting out. Our installer called three times during the Winter, but the problem persisted. Eventually I contacted Proven and they were very keen to help resulting in a Manager from Proven (In Scotland) making a special trip to us (In Lincolnshire) on a Sunday morning to take a look. He solved the problem in about ten minutes. No idea how much electric we lost, but I can say that from November to March our exports were virtually zero.

The following Winter the turbine devoloped another fault. Having been observed working normally in the morning, by lunchtime the blades were hardly moving despite the stiff breeze. Proven were, again, very good. They diagnosed that there was a problem with the core and arranged for one of their distributors to effect a repair. We still lost electricity, but you have to accept that there is no 24-hour breakdown service available for Wind Turbines.

Since March 2008 the turbine has, as far as I can see, performed well. In a strong wind we see near 6kWh and there have been many days where 100kW has been generated. Our supplier originally estimated that our annual production would be 12,000kWh however in reality this has been around 6,000kWh per year for five years now.


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