This site is intended to help you if you are thinking of having a Domestic Wind Turbine, or looking for information about Domestic Wind Turbines.

I do not make or sell turbines. But if you want help with choosing a turbine, finding out if your location is suitable, getting planning permission, site preparation, then I might be able to assist.

In December 2004 I started making enquiries about having a Domestic Wind Turbine. Our location would seem to be suitable and there had recently been a commercial wind farm opened around two miles North of us.

Choosing the manufacturer and model of turbine to go for was the easy bit. We decided on the Proven 6kW model as it would satisfy our electric requirement and allow for surplus to be exported back to the grid. It would also qualify for the maximum grant available at the time.

Our major problem was planning permission. Despite in our case there being 10 full size turbines two miles North of us and Government planning guidance designed to make the process easier, you should never underestimate the desire of your local council's planning department (LPA) to throw every obstacle in the way of what should be a straightforward approval. Their first tactic was to claim that our garden wasn't actually a garden and that I would have to make a commercial planning application. The point of this was threefold. Firstly, the planning fee would have been a great deal more. Secondly, planning rules entitle me to have a Wind Turbine in my garden, but commercial applications have no 'green light' so it would have been easy for them to refuse permission. Lastly, if I had accepted their opinion, I would have lost my 'Permitted Development Rights' (PDR) for the land. PDR are a householders rights to do certain improvements to their home and the land around it without planning permission such as build a garage.

With our LPA, East Lindsey, the answer is always 'no', so you don't want to be giving up your PDR.

There will probably be silly objection letters. Only one in our case claiming there would be a 'danger to highway safety'(!), 'reduce property values' and 'result in a loss of visual amenity'. But even the most anti of LPA's can only accept rational objections.

Having questioned the status of the land, and lost, East Lindsey's Environmental Protection Officer decided to ignore Government guidance and make up his own personal criteria for measuring noise, requesting details of how much noise there would be ABOVE the turbine, amongst other figures. The manufacturers, incidentally, had never been asked for such data before, which sort of tells you what your LPA is up to, doesn't it.

Anyway, after many months of wrangling I issued them with an ultimatum to determine the application in accordance with national guidance or face publicity. My approval letter followed in a few days!

Then, and only then, can you order your turbine and get the foundation prepared.

In all, from first enquiry to delivery took 18 months, of which 15 months was getting planning permission. So be prepared for a long hard fight.


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6kw Turbine on a 9m Tower