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  • When I search the internet I want to get to the information I am looking for quickly and easily. So I make no excuses for making my web sites uncluttered and simple to use. From the Home Page you should be able to get anywhere on the site with just a few clicks and have clear links to get you back to where you started or on to another area of the site.

    In my view there are two routes that lead people to a web site:

    The first is when someone comes to the internet knowing about your site and goes straight to it. In effect you have promoted the web site in other ways and want people to go to the web site to get more information about you. An example of this would be our site where we promote through leaflets and advertising and hope to bring prospective customers to the web site for more details.

    The second route is, effectively, this one. Where we hope that we are found by following a link from another site or through a search engine, the aim being to encourage potential customers to make contact and discuss their requirements further.

    The difference: With the first route your web site needs to develop on what the viewer already knows about you. So no point giving someone a thick colour brochure and suggesting that they look at your web site which in turn says 'click here for brochure'. The second should elicit further contact.

    By whichever route, a clear, easily navigated, up-to-date web site will be an asset that works for you.

    If you like what you see and would like to discuss it further please click on the 'contact us' link on the left. Thank you.