The Fire Mark Circle

Fire Mark Circle

Results of Auction: Saturday 19th October 2002

Lot No.Description.
Price Realised.
W = Withdrawn
U = Unsold
1. SALOP Fire Office. Lead W 20A, policy no. 3745. Good much gilding, but no colour. 150
2. As last. Policy no. 2619. Good, small vertical crack across centre of policy panel. No colour, traces of gilding. U
3. As last. Policy no. 5032. Good, no colour. U
4. As last. Policy no. 12057. Good, no colour. U
5. SHROPSHIRE & N WALES Ass Co. Brass W 89A. Good/ fair, bottom scroll damaged and small part missing. No colour. 80
6. SHROPSHIRE & N WALES Ass Co. Brass W 89B. Very good, with much original colour and gilding. 120
7.* WILTSHIRE & WESTERN Ass Socy. Lead W 26A, pol no. 758. Very good, traces of gilding, but no colour. U
8. SUN Fire Office. Lead W 3B, pol no. 163936. Good, no colour. Issued 1758, with confirming company letter. 100
9. SUN Fire Office. Lead W 3C, pol no. 690090. Good, no colour. Mounted on board with policy detail dated 1799 on reverse. 75
10. SUN Fire Office. Lead W 3D, pol no. 701853. Very good/ good, no colour. Issued 1810 with copy policy wording and confirming letter. 90
11. SUN Fire Office. Copper W 3H. Fair, with minor perforations and creasing and lugs missing. Some gilding. 30
12. HAND-in-HAND Fire Office. Lead W 2A, pol no 92570. Good, no colour, but remains of house paint. U
13. W. W
14. UNION Fire Office. Copper W 4E. Very good, A little background colour & gilt. 50
15. As last. Good, some gilding, no colour. 50
16. UNION Fire Office. Tinned iron, B 570. Fair, no colour, very dirty, some splits. 35
17. W. W.
18. LONDON Assurance. Tinned iron W 9I. Very good, much colour, but gilding worn. 40
19. WESTMINSTER Fire Office. Lead W 5B, pol no 29316. Good, no colour. Minor crack through centre of policy panel. U
20. W. W.
21. W. W.
22. KENT Ins Co. Lead W 36A (iv). Good, small 15mm deep wedge missing top left. The shadows of the word KENT and the gilt border are clear. No colour. U
23. KENT Ins Co. Copper W 36D. Good, but nail holes broken out and some damage to right end of label. No colour, some gilding. 65
24.* PATRIOTIC Assurance Co. Lead W 73A. Very good, no colour, traces of gilding. 1500
25. W. W.
26. W. W.
27. NORWICH GENERAL Ass Co. Lead W 28A. Policy no. 6604. Good/ fair. small part of policy panel missing and small area of cracking lower part of badge and into 'NORWICH'. U
28. As last. Policy no. 2414 Good/ fair, no colour.Crack from bottom of policy panel into 'W' and left end of panel with first upright of 'N' missing. U
29. NORWICH UNION Fire Ins Socy. Tinned iron W 29J. Good, no colour. 110
30. CALEDONIAN Ins Co. Copper W 43A. Good, no colour End of label missing. 45
31. W. W.
32. BRISTOL CROWN Fire Office. Lead W 6C. Very good, no colour. U
33. W. W.
34. W. W.
35. W. W.
36.* ESSEX & SUFFOLK Equ Ins Socy. Tinned iron B 732. Very good, a bit scratched, but otherwise original colour. 80
37. IMPERIAL Fire Ins Co. Copper W 40A. Good, but bottom right corner of label missing. No colour. 40
38. IMPERIAL Fire Ins Co. Copper W 40C. Good, no colour. 20
39. IMPERIAL Fire Ins Co. Tinned iron W 40G, . Poor, no colour. 20
40. W. W.
41. W. W.
42. YORKSHIRE Fire & Life Ins Co. Copper W 77B. Very good, no colour, but some gilding. 65
43. YORKSHIRE Fire & Life Ins Co. Tinned iron B 586. Very good, 100% colour with touches of rust, mainly on gilding. 110
44. YORKSHIRE Fire & Life Ins Co. Tinned iron B 588. Very good, 100% colour, but gilding worn. 55
45. W. W.
46. W. W.
47. W. W.
48. W. W.
49. W. W.
50. W. W.
51. BATH SUN Fire Office. Copper W 16B. Good with small split from nail hole at top. Lettering and background colour with 50% gilding. 90
52. PHOENIX Ass Co. Copper W 23K. Good, but one lug missing and small split at top. Much gilding. 25
53. BIRMINGHAM Fire Office. Copper W 42C. Good, Some minor splits and creases, no colour. 45
54. COUNTY Fire Office. Copper W 45B. Fair, some gilding, no colour. 15
55. WEST of ENGLAND Fire Ins Co. Tinned iron W 48D. Good, Down to the tin in places, but some gilding under the dirt. 50
56.* ALLIANCE Ass Co. Copper W 63B. Fair, ends of lettering and label missing. Much gilding, no colour. 20
57. NATIONAL Ass Co of IRELAND. Tinned iron W 59A. Poor, about a fifth of the outer band at top left missing. No colour. 20
58. W. W.
59. W. W.
60. W. W.
61. NEWCASTLE Fire Office. Lead W 24B. Policy no. 6606. Very good, small break top centre between nail hole & edge of mark. No colour. U
62.* QUEEN Ins Co. Copper W 99A. Good, Some colour & gilding. 60
63.* GLOBE Ins Co. Tinned iron W 38E. Very good, most colour, but some wear to lines on globe. 100
64. BRITISH Fire Office. Tinned copper W 30C. Very good, gilding over all. 55
65. DISTRICT Fire Office. Copper W 83E. Good, no colour. 35
66. LEICESTER Fire Office. Tinned iron W 84A. Good, no colour. Some rusting & repaired. 120
67. LICENSED VICTUALLERS & Gen. Copper W 86A.Good/ fair ,no colour. One extensive & several minor splits. 200
68.* NOTTS & DERBYS Fire & Life Ass Co. Copper W 87E. Good, small area missing at bottom of shield. No colour, house paint. 30
69. As last. Zinc W 87E. Good, minor split & garter end re-attached. No colour. 45
70. As last. Zinc W 87F. Good, one small split & garter end re-attached. No colour. 20
71. NORTHERN Ass Co. Copper W 88A. Very good, no colour, but most gilding. 50
72. FARMERS & Gen Fire & Life Ins. Copper W 92B. Good/ fair, no colour, some minor holes & splits. 35
73. ROYAL Ins Co. Copper W 95B. Good, near 100% colour. Some minor creasing. 45
74. ROYAL Ins Co. Copper W 95E. Good. Possibly colour under house paint. 25
75. LONDON & LANCS Ins Co. Copper W 101B. Fair/good, traces of colour & gilt. 35
76. 76. LIVERPOOL & LONDON & GLOBE Ins Co. Copper W 105B. Fair, a number of holes and some splitting. No colour. 25
77.* LIVERPOOL & LONDON & GLOBE Ins Co. Tinned iron B 947. Mint. 20
78. ROYAL EXCHANGE Ass. Lead W 10E, pol no. 132910. Good, but crown weak. No colour. 80
79. ROYAL EXCHANGE Ass. Lead W 10K. Good, no colour, but green house paint. 40
80. As last. Crown mostly broken off. No colour. 20
81. ROYAL EXCHANGE Ass. Aluminium B 636. Very good, no colour. 45
82. As last. Identical description. 45
83. GUARDIAN Fire & Life Ass Corp. Copper W 57B. Good, no colour, but traces of gilding. 35
84. GUARDIAN Fire & Life Ass Corp. Tinned iron B 797. Very good, repainted. 20
85. W. W.
86. ATLAS Ass Co. Tinned iron B 780. Very good, repainted. 25
87. W. W.
88. W. W.
89. W. W.
90.* RELIANCE MARINE Ins Co. Tinned iron B967. Very good, repainted. 25
91.* Assicurazioni GENERALI Societa Anonime (Italy). Tinned iron B1502. Near mint, original colour, but gilt worn. 55
92.* SOUTH BRITISH Ins Co (NZ). Zinc? B1583. (Bulau says copper, but not that).Very good, no colour. 110
93. UNION Fire Office. Copper on plaster B573. Replica of porter's arm badge No 1. 25
94. LIVERPOOL & LONNDON & GLOBE Ins Co. Advertising medallion 37mm dia. 20
95. Book 'Footprints of Assurance' by BULAU, the American reference to fire marks. 20
96. LICENSED VICTUALLERS & Gen Fire. Copper 112A. Good, no colour. 460
97. YORKSHIRE Fire & Life Ass Co. Copper W 77B. 50
98. YORK & N of ENGLAND Ass Co. Copper W 85C. Good, some colour. 180
99. BEACON Fire Ins Co. Copper W 56C. Good. 190
100. WESTMINSTER Ins Office. Lead W 5B, pol no 37122. Good, some gilding. 300
101. WESTMINSTER Ins Office. Lead W 5C (iii), pol no 50405. Good. U
102. WESTMINSTER Ins Office. Copper W 5D. Good. 120
103. QUEEN Ins Co. Copper W 99B. Some colour and gilding. 170
104. QUEEN Ins Co. Tinned iron. W 99C. 110
105. GENERAL Ins Co of IRELAND. Lead W 18C, pol no 2113. Good, no colour. 420
106. ALLIANCE Fire Ins Co. Coppere W 63B. Very good. Mainly original paint, retouched on rocks. 150
107. SCOTTISH UNION Ins Co. Copper W 75B? U
108. BRISTOL CROWN Fire Office. Lead W 6C. Good/ fair, no colour. W
109. ROYAL EXCHANGE Ass. Lead W10F, pol no 100552. Good, but crack on crown. 110
110. BIRMINGHAM Fire Office. W 42A. Good/fair. 90
111. BRITISH Fire Office. Copper W 30F. 55
112. NOTTS & DERBYS Fire & Life Ass Co (x3). All copper. 1x87A, 1x87C(iii)? and 1x87E. The last has the garter buckle missing. 95
113. UNION Fire Office. Tinned iron B569. Good, but repainted. 40
114. PATRIOTIC Ass Co of Ireland. B847. Very good, but a number of small paint scratches. Dark red background colour. 20
115. LONDON Guarantee & Accident Co. Tinned iron B952 variant, having additional wording 'Established 1869'. 210
116. NATIONAL Ins Co of NEW ZEALAND. Tinned iron B1587. Good, most original colour. 180
117. NORWICH GENERAL Assurance Co. Copper W 28D. 110
End of Sale

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