The Fire Mark Circle

Fire Mark Circle

Results of Auction: Wednesday 9th April 2003

Lot No.Description. Price Realised
U/S= Unsold
1. ROYAL EXCHANGE Ass. Lead W 10D, pol no 23192. Good, no colour, traces of gilding. 170
2. ROYAL EXCHANGE Ass. Lead W 10J, pol no. 237949. Good, no colour. U/S
3. As last. Policy no. 24?113. Very good, minor distortion top left. Some gilt remains. 45
4. ROYAL EXCHANGE Ass. Lead W 10K. Good, one minor crack and minor distor- tion. Some gilding and traces of background colour. 40
5. YORKSHIRE Fire & Life Ass Co. Copper W 77B. Good, traces of colour. 40
6. As last. Very good, 60% original gilding. 45
7. YORKSHIRE Fire & Life Ass Co. Tinned iron B 858. Good, most original colour, touches of surface rusting. 50
8. SUN Fire Office. Lead, W 3B, pol no 136160. Good/fair, some splitting, no colour. 50
9. SUN Fire Office. Tinned iron W 3F. Poor. rusted and 10% corroded away. 10
10. SUN Fire Office. Copper W 3H. Generally all there, except for ends of nailing lugs, and a bit the worse for wear. No colour. 30
11. SUN Fire Office. Three examples;
(a) Copper, W 3H, all there, but badly split. (40)
(b) Tinned iron B557, mint, but worn. (30)
(c) Copper B551, good, about 50% colour with PATRIOTIC Ass Co, Tinned iron B 847-X-1 overprinted 'Guaranteed by Sun Fire etc'. Mint. (45)
12. NEWCASTLE Fire Office. Lead W 24B, pol no 6606. Very good, small break between nail hole and edge of mark top centre. No colour. 360
13. SCOTTISH Ins Corp. Tinned iron, B 959. Good, some superficial rusting, about 90% colour. 150
14. PROPERTY Ins Co. Tinned iron B998, also illustrated Wright p 390. Very good, nearly all colour, but a bit worn. 160
15.* WILTSHIRE & WESTERN Ass Co. Lead W 26A, pol no 218. Very good, traces of gilding, no colour. Ex Linaker collection with note on reverse 'taken from Cockey Hall, Frome 9.7.1959'. 950
16. SALAMANDER & WESTERN Fire Ass Socy. Copper W 26C. Very good, except that loop of ribbon top centre is missing.Traces of colour and gilding. 240
17. NORWICH GENERAL Ass Co. Lead W 28A, pol no. 3420. Very good, traces of gilt overall . 450
18. As last. Pol no 6604. Good/ fair, small part of policy panel missing and small area cracking lower part of badge and into 'NORWICH'. 350
19. NORWICH GENERAL Ass Co. Copper W 28C. shadow of pol no (?29329). Good, small part broken away, but present. No colour, but traces of gilding. 50
20. NORWICH UNION Fire Ins Socy. Copper W 29L. Very good, no colour. 100
21. NORWICH UNION Fire Ins Socy. Copper W 29O. Good, but label reattached, no colour. 50
22. NORWICH UNION Fire Ins Socy. Tinned iron W 29Q. Near mint, modern litho'd. 40
23. BERKS, GLOS & PROV'L Life & Fire Ass. Copper W 64A.Very good, much gilt, traces of colour. 260
24. PALLADIUM Life & Fire Ass Soc. Copper W 72A. Very good, except bottom left corner, including 'P' is missing. No colour, traces of gilt. 40
25.* SUFFOLK Fire Office. Lead W 37C. Very good, 50% colour. U/S
26. GUARDIAN Fire & Life Ass Co. Copper W 57B. Good, no colour, remains of house paint. U/S
27. As last. Good, some original gilding. 50
28. GUARDIAN Fire & Life Ass Co. Tinned iron B 798. Very good, worn original colour, except no white to clouds. 50
29. NOTTS & DERBYS Fire & Life Ass Co. Copper W 87C(iii). Good, but garter end missing, some minor splitting. No colour. 60
30. NOTTS & DERBYS Fire & Life Ass Co. Zinc W 87E. Garter end back to buckle is missing, but remainder is good, no colour. 50
31. UNION Fire Office. Copper W 4E. Good, 80% original gilt. 30
32. MANCHESTER Fire & Life Ass Co. Copper W 71B. Very good, 5% original gilt. 50
33.* EDINBURGH FRIENDLY Ins. Lead W 7C, pol no 3999. Very good, no colour. Ex Linaker collection, see Fothergill p 89. 950
34. SCOTTISH UNION Ins Co. Copper W 75A. Good, no colour. 55
35. SCOTTISH UNION Ins Co. Copper W 75E. Good, most colour. 55
36. BRITANNIA Fire Assn. Copper W 108A. Fair/good, no colour. 70
37. QUEEN Ins Co. Copper/brass? W 99B. Fair/good, mounted on board, no colour. 50
38. SALOP Fire Office. Lead W 20A, pol no 12057. Good, no colour. 240
39. SALOP Fire Office. Copper W 20B, Very good, no colour. 70
40. SHROPSHIRE & N WALES Ass Co. Brass W 89B. Very good, except about 25% of left hand scroll is missing. Almost all original colour. 120
41. WEST of ENGLAND Fire Ins Co. Copper W 48C. Good, much gilt, may have been retouched. 80
42. WEST of ENGLAND Fire Ins Co. Tinned iron W 48D.Good, slightly corroded & small splits. No colour, but some gilt. 65
43. As last. Fair, no colour. 60
44. WEST of ENGLAND Fire Ins Co. Copper W 48E. Good/ fair, almost all there, but a bit battered overall. No colour. 100
45. WEST of ENGLAND Fire Ins Co. Copper W 48G. Very good, no colour. 90
46. PHOENIX Ass Co. Copper W 23G, shadow of pol no 233257. Very good, but no spear tip. 60
47. FARMERS & GENERAL Fire & Life Ins. Copper W 92B. Good, no colour, mounted on board and polished. 45
48.* GENERAL Ins Co of IRELAND. Lead W 18A, pol no 1980. Very good, traces of gilding. 1250
49.* GENERAL Ins Co of IRELAND. Lead W 18D. Very good, no colour. (Ex Bashall Dawson collection, see label on reverse of mark for origins. U/S
50. BIRMINGHAM Fire Office. Copper W 42C. Good, no colour. 60
51. As last. Fair, with a number of minor splits and holes. U/S
52. BIRMINGHAM Fire Office. Tinned iron W 42C. Good, 60% gilding. 60
53. DISTRICT Fire Office. Copper W 83D(i). Fair/good, Central part at top missing and a number of small splits and holes, no colour. 85
54. DISTRICT Fire Office. Copper W 83E.Good/fair, repainted and creased. 30
55. ATLAS Ass Co. Copper W 50A. Good, no original paint, but largely oversprayed with gold. 60
56. As last. Good/fair, very little colour. 55
57. As last. Poor, a little gilding. 50
58. LIVERPOOL & LONDON Fire & Life Ins Co. Copper W 96A. Good, 70% colour. 50
59. LIVERPOOL & LONDON & GLOBE Ins Co. Copper W 105A. Very good, near 100% original colour. 180
60. As last. Very good, most original colour. 55
61. LIVERPOOL & LONDON & GLOBE Ins Co. Tinned iron B 947. Mint. 20
62. LONDON & LANCASHIRE Fire Ins Co. Copper W 101B.Very good, about 25% colour, mainly on shield and lettering. Uncommon variant with gold cross to shield. U/S
63. LONDON Assurance. Copper W 9I. Very good, original colour to central badge with minimal traces of gilding elsewhere. 50
64. LONDON Assurance. Tinned iron W 9I. Mint modern. U/S
65. As last. Good, 90% colour, modern. 40
66. BRITISH Fire Office. Tinned iron W 30C. Very good, 5% original gilding. 55
67. BRITISH Fire Office. Copper W 30F. Fair, no colour. 40
68. ROYAL Ins Co. Copper W 95B. Good, 90% original colour. 45
69. ROYAL Ins Co. Copper W 95D. Very good, but overpainted in black and dark red. Looks like there is original colour under. 40
70. ROYAL Ins Co. Copper W 95E. Good, no colour. 30
71. As last. Good, except nail holes broken out at top of crown and point of shield. Repainted. 30
72. COUNTY Fire Office. Copper W 45B. Good, no colour. 40
73. COUNTY Fire Office. Copper W 45E. Good, 80% colour. 40
74. COUNTY Fire Office. Copper W 45F. Mint. 40
75. RELIANCE Marine Ins Co. Tinned iron B 967. Mint, slight damage to paint. 20
76. LEGAL Ins Co. Tinned iron B 1013v. Mint, variant has wording 'Incorporated in Great Britain' in place of 'of London'. 30
77. PATRIOTIC Ins Co. Two examples, both tinned iron. (a) B847, very good, most colour, but minor chips and stains to paint. (25) (b) B847-X-1, mint. (40) 30
78. UNION Fire Office. Copper B 573. Reproduction of porter's badge No 1 issued at various dates between 1920-1960 for publicity use by agents. 20
79. HARTFORD Fire Ins Co, B71 and OHIO FARMERS Ins Co, B175. Two modern USA reproductions in mint condition. 25
80. Four items;
(a) LA FONDARIA Co (Italy), similar to B1572, but smaller. Mint (10)
(b) LA PACE Soc (Italy), similar to B 1536, but minus the word 'Milano'. Mint (-)
(c) BASLER VGGF (Switzerland), similar to B1721, but wording is 'Baloise Fire'. (-)
(d) VICTORIA Ins Co (Australia) B1756 copper, very good, about 90% colour. (30)
81. Four items;
(a) LB HANNOVER OF (Germany), similar to B1341 but more formalised. Mint.
(b) GOTHAER FEUER (Germany). White lettering on rectangular red plate, enamel chipped in one corner, otherwise mint.
(c) IMPERIO SEGUROS, unlisted, but probably from Portugal. Label on reverse says collected in Madeira and used for advertising. Unknown and unlisted.
(d) Aluminium plate depicting sea god in horsed chariot with label having anchors at either end and inscription in Greek reading 'Gheniki Anonymos Cyprus' (I think).
82.* A book 'British Fire Marks from 1680' by G A Fothergill, published 1911. In very good condition and rarely available. 130
83. A book 'Footprints of Assurance' by A E Bulau. 45
End of Sale

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