The Fire Mark Circle

Fire Mark Circle

Results of Auction: 21st April 2004

Lot No.Description.
Price Realised.
W = Withdrawn
U = Unsold
1. SUN Fire Office. Tin W3F. Repainted, some minor holes, good for age. 10
2. SUN Fire Office. Copper W3H. Nicely repainted, several cracks due to metal fatigue. 15
3.* UNION Fire Office. Lead W4A policy no. 16594. Top quality mark, no cracks or breaks. W
4. UNION Fire Office. Copper W4E. Excellent, traces of gold. 40
5. UNION Fire Office. Tin B569. Repainted in original colours, nice example. 25
6. WESTMINSTER Ins Office. Copper W5D. Good, repainted, small crack in corner. 95
7.* HAND IN HAND Fire Office. Lead W2A, policy no. 57286. Excellent, traces of gold. 380
8. ROYAL EXCHANGE Assurance. Lead W10D, policy no. 50253. Good, crown resoldered. 180
9.* ROYAL EXCHANGE Assurance. Lead W10F, policy no. 155822. Good, no cracks or colour. 160
10. ROYAL EXCHANGE Assurance. Lead W10J, policy no. 175544. Good, traces of colour. 80
11. ROYAL EXCHANGE Assurance. Lead W10K. Excellent, some background colour. 45
12.* HIBERNIAN Ins Co. Lead W13a(ii), policy no. 2580. Excellent condition, rare mark. W
13. PHOENIX Ass Co. Copper W23D, repainted policy no. 226836. Good, spear intact. 35
14. PHOENIX Ass Co. Copper W23J. Spear tip missing, good. 20
15. NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE Fire Office. Copper W24C. Good, house paint removed. 130
16. WILTS & WESTERN Ass Soc. Copper W26C. Top ribbon missing, traces of gold, good. 200
17. WORCESTER Fire Office. Tin W 27D policy no 4349. Good, some original gold paint and numbers. 280
18. NORWICH GENERAL Ass Co. Copper W28D, shadow of policy no. ?29329. Good, small part loose, no colour but traces of gilding. 110
19. NORWICH UNION Fire Ins Socy. Copper W29L. Gaudiano mark, top and bottom torches missing, some original paint, fair. 50
20. NORWICH UNION Fire Ins Socy. Copper W 29O. Complete and good. W
21. NORWICH UNION Fire Ins Socy. Copper W 29P. Good with evidence of original paint. W
22. NORWICH UNION Fire Ins Socy. Copper W 29P. Good, all colours 70% present. 30
23. NORWICH UNION Fire Ins Socy. Copper W29P. Excellent example of this variant, full colour. 35
24.* BRITISH Fire Office. Lead W30B. Excellent, no defects. W
25. BRITISH Fire Office. Copper W30C. Good, lion in raised profile, house paint partially removed. 50
26. BRITISH Fire Office. Copper W30F. Good, 50% colour, head in profile, but unusually for this variant the right hand side of the face is visible. 30
27. BRITISH Fire Office. Copper W30E. Good, with 50% of all original paint. 50
28. KENT Ins Co. Copper W36D. Good, traces of original gilding. 110
29. IMPERIAL Fire Ins Co. Tin W40G. Fair, some rusting to edges. 20
30. BIRMINGHAM Fire Office. Copper W42A. Good, piece missing at feet of fireman. 65
31. COUNTY Fire Office. Copper W45B. Good, some traces of gilding. 25
32. COUNTY Fire Office. Copper W45E. Fair, some original paint and gilding, buckle missing. 55
33. COUNTY Fire Office. Copper W45E. Poor, two large holes below lettering, strap intact. 25
34. WEST OF ENGLAND Fire Ins Co. Tin W48D. Good, house paint cracking to reveal gilding underneath. 100
35. WEST OF ENGLAND Fire Ins Co. Copper W48E. Good, no colour. 85
36.* ATLAS Ass Co. Copper W50A. An excellent example of this mark with gilding, lettering and background colour all present. 65
37. GUARDIAN Fire & Life Ass Co. Tin B798. Good example in original colours showing aging patina. 35
38. ALLIANCE Fire & Life Ass Co. Copper W63A. Fair, traces of gilding, missing part of top left hand rock. 40
39. ALLIANCE Fire & Life Ass Co. Copper W63B. Good, complete high profile mark. 55
40. MANCHESTER Fire & Life Ass Co. Copper W71D. Good, small traces of gilding. 65
41. LEICESTER Fire Office. Tin W84A. Fair, with rusting round the edges, unusual mark, not seen for some time. 40
42. NOTTS & DERBY Fire & Life Ass Co. Zinc W87E. Fair, garter strap detached but present, no colour. 35
43. NORTHERN Ass Co. Copper W88E. Excellent, good example of this mark. 60
44. SHROPSHIRE & NORTH WALES Ass Co. Brass W89A. Bottom scroll partially broken, fracture top left corner, good. 80
45. ROYAL Ins Co. Copper W95B. Slight fraying at sides, green background still evident. 20
46. ROYAL Ins Co. Copper W95D. Good, some original red colour background. 35
47. QUEEN Ins Co. Tin W99E. Excellent, full colour red and gold shield. 40
48. LIVERPOOL & LONDON Fire & Life Ins Co. Copper W96A. Good, has been overpainted, no cracks or folds, a nice example of this mark. 45
49.* LANCASHIRE Ins Co. Copper W98A. An excellent example of this mark with 75% original colour and no flaws. 60
50. QUEEN Ins Co. Copper W99A. Good, original paint and gilding, mark still has a raised profile, a nice complete mark. 65
51. QUEEN Ins Co. Brass W99B. An excellent example with 90% colour and gilding, a much sought after variant. 100
52. COMMERCIAL UNION Ass. Tin W100A. Good, overpainting with varnish has congealed the colour underneath. 60
53. LONDON & LANCS Fire Ins Co. Copper W101B. Fair, some original colour, fraying around the edges. 45
54. NORTH BRITISH & MERCANTILE Ins Co. Tin B932. Good repainted. 25
55. LIVERPOOL LONDON & GLOBE Ins Co. Tin B947. Modern plate in full colour, few scratches. 15
56. ETNA Fire Ins Co. Tin W107A. Good, no colour and some surface rusting. 140
57. BRITANNIA Fire Ass. Copper W108A. Good example of this rarely found mark, has been repainted in original colours. 90
58. NATIONAL UNION Soc Ltd. Bedford. Tin B989. One of the later tin marks, issued in 1897, good colour and patina. 50
59.* LONDON GUARANTEE & ACCIDENT Co Ltd. Tin B952. Original condition for this rare mark. 150
60. PROPERTY Ins Co Ltd. Tin B998. An interesting mark with its original colour. W
61. SOUTH BRITISH Ins Co. Zinc B1583. Excellent, although lacking colour. 90
62. NATIONAL NEW ZEALAND. Zinc B1587. Good, with original colour. 140
63. LA FONDIARIA. Aluminium B1520. Modern plate in original colour. 5
64. L'UNION Co d'Ass. Tin B1264. French mark dating from the 1920's. 20
65. L'UNION Co d'Ass. Tin B1264. Variant of above, similar period, full colour. W
66. LA PATTERNELLE. Tin B1290. French mark dating from the late 1800's. 40
67. MUNCHENER-ACHENER. Enamelled Iron B1358(i). Yellow enamel flaking on sides. W
68. ACHENER-MUNCHENER. Enamelled Iron B1358(ii). As above but perfect. W
69. MAGDEBURGER. Enamelled Iron B1370. Red and white lettering, perfect. 15
70. VERSICHERT OLDENBURG. Tin B1370. Variant of this mark, fair with surface rust, no colour. 5
71. PYCCKOE. Tin. Russian mark from company founded in 1867. 50
72. POCCINCKIN. Tin. Russian hand in hand. 50
73. SEGUROS SOBERANA. Agency plate. Portuguese, enamelled iron, good. 10
74. B. ALLIANCE IMP. Agency plate. Dutch, enamelled iron, good. 12
76. YORK MUSEUM. History of fire-fighting. Book, 1940. 15
77. THE LONDON ASSURANCE. Autographed by Bashall Dawson 1920, The County Fire Office 1957. (2 books). 15
78. FOOTPRINTS OF ASSURANCE, Bulau. A regulation copy. 55
End of Sale

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