The Fire Mark Circle

The Fire Mark Circle

Auction Rules


  • Bids may only be placed by members of the Fire Mark Circle.

  • The prices shown are an estimate of the value of the mark and it follows that the amount realised may vary from this according to market interest or other relevant factors.

  • Some lots have reserve prices set by the vendor.

  • Wright (W) or Bulau (B) reference numbers are quoted where possible.

  • To place a bid, members must complete the bidding form and either email it to or post to the Auction organiser Russell Maclean, who will acknowledge that the bid has been placed.

  • There is no buyers premium.

  • Only bids in writing will be accepted to alleviate any possible post auction disputes, in the event of a dispute the Chairman's decision will be final.

  • The minimum bid amount is £10. Once a lot has received an opening bid, further bids will be applied in bid steps of £5 where the price is £100 or lower, £10 between £100 and £200, with £20 increments above £200.
    If there is only a single bid on an item, the lot will be sold for the minimum bid, subject to any reserve having been met. If there are two or more bids, they will be applied in order of receipt using bid steps until the bidder’s maximum bid has been reached. The highest or winning bid will therefore be one bid step above the highest bid of the underbidder, subject to any reserve having been met. In the case of equal bids, the one received first will have precedence.

  • The auction will close to commission bids at the time and date shown on the main auction page. In the case of Spring and Autumn auctions, only, final bids may be made by members attending the Circles' meeting being held in the week following the closing date for commission bids.

  • The winning bidders will be notified either by email, telephone or post within a few days of the end of the auction. A results of the auction will be emailed to members and be available on this website in due course.

  • Marks will be sent by 1st class insured, Signed For or Special Delivery. The winners will be notified of the total costs and cheques should be made payable to the Fire Mark Circle.

  • For further details please contact us:


  • If you have any Fire Marks, or related material, that you wish to sell we would be pleased to hear from you.

  • Commission is a very reasonable 10% of the sale price.

  • For further details please contact us:

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