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  • Lincolnshire for Aviation:

    The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, RAF Conningsby.

    With Lincolnshire being known as 'Bomber County' it is only fitting that the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight should be based here at RAF Coningsby. Famous throughout the world for their displays, the Lancaster, Spitfires, Hurricanes & Dakota of the BBMF can be seen both on the ground as well as taking off and landing as they carry out their display work during the season. The Visitor Centre has a permanent BBMF exhibition gallery. Admission and parking are free. For a small charge Guided tours of the BBMF hangar are also usually available.

    The BBMF web site has more details together with display dates. You can also download a more detailed version of their display schedule which which is fully timed so you can plan your visit around the arrival or departure of the flight.

    Don't forget that RAF Coninsby is an active base with Typhoon and Tornado aircraft based there. So it probably won't just be the sound of the 'heritage fleet' that you hear while you are there.
    RAF Coningsby web site

    Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, East Kirkby

    Just down the road from RAF Coningsby is the former RAF East Kirkby airfield. Now the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre and home of 'Just Jane', Lancaster NX611.

    Here you will find an orignal WWII airfield restored as far as possible to its wartime state. The main hangar is home to an extensive collection of artifacts and memorabilia, the control tower and other displays show what life was like at a wartime airfield.

    The 'main attraction' is to see a taxi run by Lancaster NX611, Just Jane. These happen on various dates from March to November, usually a weekday, with a late morning run and another during the afternoon. Dates and times can be found on their web site under 'Museum Events'.

    Whilst at East Kirkby, take a ride on the Queen Mary trailer pulled by a Bedford OX Tractor Unit for a tour of the outer reaches of the airfield. The 'NAAFI' also has a great menu of hot and cold snacks.

    Note that although open all year round, the Heritage Centre is usually closed on Sundays.

    Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre web site

    RAF Scampton, Lincoln.

    North of Lincoln you will find RAF Scampton, home of the RAF Aerobatic Team, otherwise known as the Red Arrows. Although flying information is generally not available, it is known that when returning to base the Red Arrows are likely to make a bit of a show of it. So you never know when you are likely to see them, which makes it all the more pleasurable when you do.
    RAF Scampton Museum.

    RAF Waddington, Lincoln

    On the A15 South of Lincoln, RAF Waddington can be found. Unusually for a military establishment it has a public viewing area with large car park, shop, refreshments and toilet facilities. Visit on a weekday and you are sure to see some aircraft movements. The Waddington Air Show is usually held on the first weekend in July and is the RAF's premier aviation spectacular.

    RAF Waddington web site.

    Donna Nook

    Located on the North Sea coast near North Somercotes are the RAF Donna Nook bombing ranges. If the warning flags are flying you can expect to see practice bombing being carried out by any NATO air force. Donna Nook is also a nature reserve and is famed for the large breeding colony of Grey Seals that arrive here in Winter. In recent years over 1000 seal pups are born here annually during November and December.

    Humberside Airport

    Located near Kirmington on the A18 a in the North of the County, Humberside Airport has scheduled flights to Aberdeen and Amsterdam, a variety of charter destinations, a busy helecopter terminal and is the operating base for the Humberside Police Helicopter.
    Humberside Airport web site.

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