Public Service Vehicle Badges (PSV Badges)

  • Animal Power Badges.
    Horse bus driver badges 1838 to 1920c.

  • Mechanical Power Badges.
    Motor bus driver badges from 1897 to 1991. Also including 'Composite badges' 1909 to 1931.

  • Conductor Badges.
    Conductor badges from 1838 to 1980.

  • Metropolitan Stage Badges.
    Tram & Trolleybus Driver & Conductor badges.

  • Non Standard badges.
    Oddities of the licencing system.

  • Regional Lettering.
    From A to T where post 1931 badges were issued.

  • Pre-1935 Provincial Badges.
    Outside of London badges were issued locally pre 1931.

  • Hackney (Cab/Taxi) Badges.
    Similar but different, Hackney licences - an initial attempt to list them in chronological order.

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