PSV Badges, Animal Power.

Type: DA1; Issued 1838 to 1850.

Oval enamelled badge, White letters and numbers on a Chocolate Background.

DA1 Type Badge.
Type: DA2; Issued 1850 to 1906.

As DA1, but with 'M' and 'P' either side of a Crown at top of badge.

Photograph to follow.
Type: DA3; Issued 1906 to 1907.

Oval enamelled badge, Yellow letters and numbers on a Black Background.

DA3 Type Badge.
Type: DA4; Issued 1907 to 1909. As DA3, but with 'Animal Power' added. Photograph to follow.
Type: DA5; Issued 1909 to 1914c. Oval enamelled badge, White numbers on Red with Black letters on a White Border.
(Photo: Paddington Ticket Auctions Ltd.)
DA5 Type Badge.

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