PSV Badges, Conductor.

Type: C1; Issued 1838 to 1850

Oval enamelled badge.

Photograph to follow.
Type: C2; Issued 1850 to 1906.

As C1, above, with 'M' and 'P' either side of Crown.

C2 Type Badge.
Type: C3; Issued 1906 to 1931.

Smaller Oval enamelled badge, Black letters and numbers on a Red background.

C3 Type Badge.
Type: C4; Issued 1931 to 1935.

Small Oval enamelled badge, Black numbers on White, White letters on a Red background.

C4 Type Badge.
Type: C5; Issued 1935 to 19xx.

Round plastic badge, Black numbers on white, Black letters on Green.

C5 Type Badge.
Type: C5ND; Issued 1935 to 19xx

As per C5 badge, but London 'N' badges issued with 'No Deposit' being paid by the conductor. Badges lettered 'nNd'.

C5ND Type Badge.
Type: C6; Issued 19xx to 1980

Round plastic badge, Black numbers on white, White letters on Green.

C6 Type Badge.

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