Hackney Drivers Badges

Alongside the Licensing of Bus Drivers and Conductors the Licensing of Drivers of Hackney Carriages is a related yet separate subject.

I have little knowledge regarding the badges issued or the chronology of them and information would be gratefully received. It is assumed that, as with PSV issues, separate badges were issued for drivers of 'Animal Power' and 'Mechanical Power'.

I have categorised these as 'TA' and 'TM' respectively.

I have also added vehicle licence plates here as 'TL' although these plates were also carried by trolleybuses and, for a while, buses too.

Type TA1. Issued 18xx to 1850.

Large enamel oval in Black with White letters and numbers.

Photograph to follow.
Type TA2. Issued 1850 to 1906c

Large enamel oval in Black with White letters and numbers.

(If badge styles followed the practice with PSV, this badge, having 'M' and 'P' either side of the crown would have been issued from 1850.)

Type TA2 Badge
Type TM1. Issued 1907c to 19xx

Large enamel oval in Light Blue with White letters and numbers.

Type TM1 Badge
Type TM2. Issued 19xx to 19xx?

Small enamel oval in Green with Black letters and numbers. (This badge may not be part of this series?)

Type TM2 Badge
Type TM3. Issued 19xx to date.

Small brass oval with Green background and black painted engraved number. (An identical badge but in Orange instead of Green was issued to Suburban area drivers.)

Type TM3 Badge
Type TL1. Issued 18xx to 1933.

Enamel rectangle, with Black letters and numbers on White.

Photograph to follow.
Type TL2. Issued 1933 to 19xx.

Enamel oval 6" across, with Black letters and numbers on White.

Type TL1 Plate