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  • Founded in 2014, the Sutton Railway Group was formed by a group of transport enthusiasts living in and near Sutton-on-Sea, Lincolnshire.

    With just a few members the early meetings were either held in a Church Hall or, sometimes, at the home of a member of the group - taking the opportunity to show off their own collection or hobby.

    We have grown solely by word of mouth to around 30 members. Our meetings at the Church Hall are either a talk or presentation from a member, or just an informal chat with a railway theme.

    Membership is £5 per year plus £2 per meeting that you attend. The aim is to build a group of at least 50 members and, as well as monthly meetings, to have regular visits to local railways and heritage transport locations and possibly coach trips to 'out of area' attractions or events.

    We also aim to keep each other mutually informed about events in the area that might be of interest to members of the group.

    So if you have an interest in 'heritage transport' and live within reach of Sutton-on-Sea, why not join us?

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