Formerly in railway ownership...

There are also lots of former railway buildings in Lincolnshire, that although now privately owned and not open to the public, have been restored to 'railway condition'. Here are just a few locations (Details checked 6th November 2012); Sutton-on-Sea


The postcard above, posted in 1918, shows three properties in Sutton-on-Sea which are constructed from six former railway carriage bodies. Earlier photos show that four of them were being used as camping coaches on site before being converted into bungalows and a house. In 2012 the house was badly damaged by fire and its future may be in doubt.
Sutton-on-Sea Sutton-on-Sea
Sutton-on-Sea Sutton-on-Sea Alford

Alford Station
Alford Station. The station building has recently been restored and incorporated into a builders merchants.
Alford Station Alford Station

Alford Sutton Tramway
The Alford & Sutton tramway operated from 1884 to 1889. Its offices were at Argyle House in Alford. This is thought to be the last remaining relic of the steam tramway and is now a private residence.

Alford Sutton Tramway This view in Alford was probably taken on the open day of the tramway. Sutterton

Sutterton Louth

In Louth the Station Building has been divided and converted into residential properties. Louth North Signal Box has, since this photo was taken, been restored and converted into a house.
Louth Louth
Louth Louth Wragby

The former station at Wragby has been converted into a private residence whilst restored externally to British Rail condition.

Wragby Station Burgh Le Marsh

Both station building and signal box remain, both sympathetically restored.

Burgh Le Marsh Signal Box

Burgh Le Marsh Station

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